Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bunny art at the Decatur Arts Festival

The artists below allowed me to take a picture or two of their art. This is a bunny blog, so that's what you will see here. However, the artists have lots more subjects and I encourage you to check out their websites or look them up at an art festival near you.

Lots of new bunnies by
Karen Fincannon

Their bunny made of shells, Paul
(Can't buy this)

The art of John Hung Ha
Artist (on left) and bunny art (on right)

Lots of unique little bunny dolls by
Sharon Franco Rothschild
One of the SFR bunnies,
removed from the crowd for a better view

Bunny art by Yvonne Miller
(another site of her art is here)

And this is Ms. Miller's business card;
her cards were little details of her art -
how cool is that!?

Bunny from the studio of Kathleen Taylor

Kathleen Taylor's blog is here

You can see the art from last year's stroll here.


  1. A cat seems to have found it's way into the middle of the first picture. :)

    1. Good eye! Yes, I did not want to mess with the artist's display, so I took a picture of the shelf area with the most bunnies.