Friday, May 25, 2012

Bundinis escape yet again

So, as I do every morning,  I am headed downstairs to the Bun-cave, turning on the lights as I go. On my way to the bunny pen, I say "Good morning, bunnies!" and I grab the jar of hay crumbles while still in stride. This usually sets them running around in excited circles ... well, at least two of them. Lucy or Ethel may decide they want a good stretch before they run to the breakfast bowl.

Not this morning! I stopped in mid-step and my mouth fell open.
Riddle: When is a door a jar?
Answer: When the bunnies have somehow opened it just a little bit so they can escape ("ajar").

It took me some time to regain a little composure
and grab the camera.

Lucy was already in the pen.
Bunya and Ethel were frolicking around the room.

Although Ethel initially froze when I entered,
they ran to the pen.
I think for breakfast, more than any
sense of wrongdoing or remorse.

Partially eaten hay cubes littered their room
like a frat house's empty crushed beer cans.
They must have had a grand old time.

Since the last time they pulled this stunt, I have been vigilant about making sure I shut the gate latch quite deliberately. At that time, when I noticed the open gate, I noted the little chew mat that is their door mat was under the gate. No clue if their chewing or tugging on it somehow lifts the gate but this morning I made sure I backed it away from the pen.

So, now I am at the office, checking the buncam a little more often than usual, focusing on the gate and making sure it is shut. A watched bunny never escapes.

This holiday weekend, I will have to ponder how to better secure their gate.
While they ponder how to escape and make mischief.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!
Thank you to the members of the armed forces, past and present,
for your sacrifices and our freedoms.

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