Friday, May 11, 2012

Nurse Ethel Buningale

Ethel may not only be the cutest, snuggliest and sweetest bunny we have, she may also have a nursing degree and be the most care-giving(est).

After the re-bonding, we noticed a new behavior: Ethel was grooming Bunya's side. She would shut her eyes and dig her little face in licking and massaging him in the one spot.

Later, we got Bunya aside for a quick physical inspection. Sure enough, it looks like the site she was doctoring was the site of one of the re-bonding hair pulls. It must have been a chunk of hair, too.

But the site was very clean and was not bleeding or oozing.
Nurse Ethel kept up her care for days.
And he's doing just fine, thank you, Ethel.