Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GHRS bunny boarding stay-cation

While we were away at UNC - Chapel Hill attending graduation, we boarded the bunnies at GHRS.

Can you see our daughter?
She's right there, in the lower right hand corner
of that sea of Tar Heel blue.
Ummmm ... maybe about 8 rows back and 3 or 4 in.
Yeah, that's her!

Of course, the bunnies hate the car ride to GHRS.
For some reason, Ethel jammed her head
in the corner of the carrier. Her chin, really.
Lucy buried herself in Ethel's cheek and
Bunya tried to squeeze between the sisters.

Their room was ready upon arrival at GHRS.
Screen on the left allows them to visit with neighbors.
Window on the right allows Bunya to find a sunbeam.

I was thinking: Oh, boy, a table tent. I used to love those
when I was a kid (and when I had little kids to do it with).
Lucy bolted underneath and Bunya followed.

Ethel was the last one to get out of the carrier.
Ethel: Hey, where is everybody?!?
Don't leave me alone!

All three under the tent/shelf/fort.

Bunya: Whatchu' lookin' at?

While there, got to check in on Zazzle and her babies.

And check out Zazzle and family's mondo condo!

From the airport, we went to GHRS to pick up the bunnies. They seemed to be doing fine and, again, did not want to get in the carrier. Especially Lucy, again.

Let them out at home but their behavior was off. Ethel was practically catatonic. Fortunately, it seems they readjusted by this morning and were all behaving like their normal selves ... in other words, they all 3 came running when I opened the treat jar.

Thank you GHRS for taking such wonderful care of our bunnies when we travel. It's nice knowing they are surrounded by people who know how to care for them.


  1. Parents can recognize their kid in any big sea of color! Congratulations.

  2. Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I've added your post to our blog hop on Bunny's Blog!