Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everything old is bun spankin' new again!

We had a semi-major bunny playground purge and restructuring. Some severely chewed boxes were recycled, some boxes were "refreshed" and there was some rearrangement.

The rearrangement is what seems to have made everything old new again. The bunnies explored various boxes from all sorts of angles.

Ethel, who always likes the high ground, explored the penthouse
(including the drop to the lower level). 

Lucy checked out the top of a box
she has been working on for some time.
You can see how she added another opening
in the back right corner .... so she could chew the corner
of the carpet that is under their pen.
And leave us little strung together poops (bad!).
This box has been relocated and
its replacement now blocks carpet corner access.

Lucy and Ethel found Bunya in a re-purposed box that now
serves as their pool of hay cubes. Of course.
Had to take this picture several times before I got one with
Bunya's face showing and not buried in hay cubes.

Lucy contemplates the new open spaces and the "warren".
The "warren" is a great box and they all love it. There are openings on all sides. It has another smaller box inside of it that helps support the top and gives them more holes to jump through (or they can go around the inner box). It had been a while since we checked inside, so we did last cleaning day. There was only one (1) poop in the whole thing. Of course, there were hundreds of little pieces of shredded cardboard, but that's what it's for, so that was fine. I don't even recall what came in the box but eventually, I am going to have to find its replacement.

Do your bunnies have a favorite box to play with?


  1. not really but I might have to do something now that the weather is turning colder and wetter so Speedy won't be roaming out side so much

  2. I thought that last one was a tank, it the thumbnail the cube behind looked attached lol As if bunnies aren't destructive enough already!

    Boxes are the best bunny toys!