Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pancake bunnies

Pancake bunnies - So, what did you think would be in this post? Pancakes shaped like bunnies? Bunnies with pancakes on their heads (actually, there are plenty of those images on the web)?

Well, in this case, it is referring to the flat puddle of bunny they make themselves into when they are getting head rubs. Bunya will come over and let you do it all by himself. If Ethel is going to participate, it's because she's smushed up next to Bunya; maybe she's imagining that he is grooming her. For a change. Lucy - will participate on the rare occasion (more so when they were younger, which led to my favorite picture of them, at the bottom of the page and here.)

My wife was doing the grooming and I grabbed the camera. On the first try, they "awoke" looking for more. Got it the second time.

First try
Bunya: Hey, where's the hand going - we're still here.
We're accepting head rubs!

Second try - more of what we were trying to capture.
"Bunny pancakes"


  1. Known affectionately in my home as the "bunny puddle of fluff" :) The smooshier the better!

  2. We call it "hunkering down", but pancake is better! lol New follower from !