Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fighting Animal Testing

My wife recently bought some bath products from Lush.
Isn't this a wonderful paper bag into which a cosmetics company puts their products?

You can check this out at or their Facebook page at


  1. great bag,we have a lush store in our local city,love the product especialy their bubble bath bars

    1. She likes their products, too, including those big round balls you drop in the tub (bath bomb?). That's what was in this little bag, which is why it is so wrinkly.

  2. It's too bad buns have to be the poster-child for animal testing. Even though people often refer to being a guinea pig, I think rabbits are unfortunately the subject of choice.. Though it is sad that any species would be forced to suffer for us.

  3. Not meaning to comment bomb, but I just thought if people liked "Watership Down", the author also wrote another book about two dogs who escape a facility where animal testing is practiced. Even though it is fiction, Richard Adams really does his research. I think it was a great read (although the parts about the experiments were a little tough to get through at times)