Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vanity license plate: ESCAPEE

Here's how I came by this plate: When headed to my Mom's on the typical busy street found here, I saw a turtle was trying to cross the road. In Atlanta, this can be dangerous for people. I noticed this at 55 mph. Well, really, Officer, I was only going 40 mph. (And turtle - hare ... related for this blog's purpose.)

Anyway, regardless, I was past the turtle in the blink of an eye, went up the road and made a U-turn (legal, really). When I circled back around to try to get the turtle off the road, someone had beat me to it by a few seconds. This was his license plate, which I think is a really funny vanity plate. He was gone before I could get any backstory ... I barely had time to snap the picture.

Human escapee helped turtle escapee

This plate brings to mind The Great Escape

Ethel casually moving the fence aside.
"Nothing going on here, Officer. Move along."

Ethel breaking the sound barrier


Remember 9-11


  1. Umbra does that all the time. I've learned to put heavy things in front of the fence, some times she still manages to escape. She's alot stronger than she looks.

  2. Henry the Turtle will be ecstatic abut the group caring!