Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bunnies are intelligent ... and funny

Are bunnies intelligent? I say yes.
To demonstrate to someone just how trainable (only one aspect of their intelligence), I offered this funny video. The clip was in a post about 2 years ago but I just found out that clip went private. Found it elsewhere, so watch it while it's available (it's only about 2 minutes).

(Worked this post a little backwards ... posted this on the Facebook page first.
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BONUS UPDATE! A Facebook reader shared another video of Skippy!

What demonstrates your bunny's (or pet's) intelligence?


  1. Never laughed so much in my life...hehehe

  2. i'll have to find the video's of silky that the shelter small animal lady sent me. there was a guy there who was studying animals/their behavior and wanted to see if he would be able to train a rabbit. well silky was there so long and they knew him well enough they tried it on him. and within like 30 mins they had him trained to do things for a treat...ill email you the videos when i find them. it was so cute and funny and amazing how smart he is...and all bunnies are!!!