Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bunny gifts - for humans!

It's nice to have friends.
It's nice to have friends who take exotic vacations, like to Japan.
It's nice to have friends who would even give you a thought while on such a wonderful vacation, much less bring back gifts for you -- bunny gifts!!!

Bunny paper clips! I love these,
but I don't want to use them on any papers I give away.
Well, maybe to another bunny's human slave.

We each clipped a clip on our e-readers.

Can you see this beautiful material?
And it's got bunnies all over!
Maybe you can see the bunnies better in this detail.

These friends are pet lovers, too.
They have dogs.
Their dog's name is ...


  1. I want friends like these!! May I borrow them :)

  2. Wow lovely pressy's and a very cute puppy,xxSpeedy and mum

  3. Great presents.I really need some of that fabric! I'm working on the Hannah and Harrington block of the month from Raspberry Rabbits and that fabric would make a great backing. >:)