Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bunny greeting cards

In previous posts, bunny cards received for birthdays and other occasions have been noted. As has the general dearth of bunny cards when searching the card racks at the store. They are not easy to find and I often receive re-purposed Easter cards for my birthday.

Well, my better half found this website with lots of bunny cards! (Some are singles and some are multiples in boxes.) They have cards for many occasions like birthdays and Valentine's Day, but due to the time of the year, most of the ones below are for Christmas (because it's not too late). Examples are below but there are lots more choices at the website, so if you like bunny cards, check it out.

Do you send bunny cards for certain occasions?
If so, which ones?
And where do you find them?


  1. Awww these a so cute especially the last one

    1. I love #6. #2 cracks me up. #1 is really cute, too. Oh heck, I like them all.