Friday, December 21, 2012


Decided the bunnies have a lot of choices for stuff to chew on.
But carpet still seems to be a guilty pleasure for Lucy (we think).

Bunya likes "inside" the new chew house,
with the "top" down.
Lucy still checks out this new present, inside and out.
Sometimes, they'll just run by and
give the ball a drive-by nose bonk to set it swinging.
Okay, how many bunny chew toys can you spot in this picture?
(Click on the picture to make it larger, at least in some browsers)
Answer below

Going roughly counterclockwise, starting with Bunya and Ethel:
1. Chew box with flowers inside
2. Hay cubes
3. Hay cube box (they chew on that, too)
4. Sticks, in the box with the cubes
5. Cardboard tube
6. ABC wicker tunnel ("ABC" - Already Been Chewed & Chinned)
7. Rolling toy (leaning against the fence)
8. Chew mat
9. New multicolored chew mat
10. Chew cornucopia with dangle and wooden chew decorations
11. The rug, if Lucy has her way
How many did you get?

I'm sure the kids will understand why they didn't get any gifts this year ...


  1. Our bunnies like to chew our favorite books! They have good taste!

    1. Yes, Bunya was a voracious reader. As an example, see At least they haven't gotten the e-reader yet.

  2. Plenty. Plenty is good. More is better! Fun Bunns!