Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter -- The Easter wrap-up

To all who celebrate, we hope you have a meaningful and happy holiday!


GHRS-Petco Easter education and picture project
Last weekend, many area Petcos sponsored events where customers (well, their children) could have their picture taken with one of the GHRS rescue bunnies for a $5 donation to the Petco Foundation. In addition, GHRS volunteers were on hand to educate anyone with an interest in bunnies, and hopefully, in adopting a rescue. The Duluth Petco really went all out to provide a great table for the educational materials and a wonderfully decorated set for the pictures.

Table set up for educational materials

Set awaiting bunny & child

Cute bunny, cute child.
Onlookers smiling at above.

Harry, an absolutely adorable little lionhead bunny
provided the holiday thematic touch to pictures
(he's in the basket).


One more article about bunnies and Easter:
There was a great 2011 AP article by Sue Manning about bunnies and Easter:
Beware the Easter bunny; he may not be an easy pet

It's to warn people who might get a rabbit for Easter.
That's good.
But it makes it seem like rabbits are more trouble than other pets.
That's bad.
But it lists a lot of realistic factors about bunny care.
That's good.
I wanted to share the link with you but couldn't find it in my local paper's website.
That's bad.
But if you Google the title of the article, you can find it in a number of places.
That's good.
Okay, Homer can take his "frogurt" and go home now.
(See Homer's frogurt is you want to understand this silly attempt at humor.)

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