Friday, March 22, 2013

RR Submission: Sandy & Blackie

Prepare to ... how does one say it -- SQUEE!

Blackie Bunny

Sandy Q. Rabbit
(love the little paw on the dish)
Blackie Bunny was rescued from this bunny slave's daughter’s third grade classroom (good job!).

Sandy was adopted from a shelter to be Blackie's bunnybuddy (excellent!).

Daughter is now off to college and bunnymom cares for this dynamic duo who are now over 10 years old! And who don't look their age! (Probably because of their great care).

Bunnymom writes RR that the pair prefer a good box to store-bought toys. Nothing unusual there. If you listen to your bunnies, they will let you know what they like and what they don't.
That's when you know you are a true bunny slave.


  1. What a sweet pair! What a great bunny-slave family!

  2. What a pair -good going everyone.

  3. Miss them very much. They both made it to 12 years of age and were sweet companions to the end.