Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bunny sightings at the Atlanta Arts Festival

Beautiful day, plenty of wonderful artists, lots of laid-back patrons and -- bunnies!

These artists have work that is other than bunnies, but in case you were not aware, this is a bunny blog. Thank you to the artists who allowed me to take pictures of their work. Their business cards are included below so if you like what you see, you can contact them and buy some bunnies! (Or check out their websites for other artworks).

This artist gets a special mention because she donated one of her works for the GHRS Silent Auction (see it below). She should probably get another special mention because she listened to us ramble on about bunnies.
Ummm, this bunny may be finding its way
to a wall near our bunnies soon... 
This generous artist donated this picture on the spot to
the GHRS Silent Auction 09-28-2013.
Come see it and bid on it for the bunnies!


Amazing woodwork - calls them "toys".
It's art!

Do you see the bunny?

In the center of the picture of the ark, next to Noah.

I think it's a Dutch.
In the "full frog" position.
The artist said a bunny lived in his shop for 9 years.


We were flipping through this artist's work and laughing.
So were the other patrons. Funny guy!

So many bunnies!!!

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