Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cute bunnies everywhere ...

Don't shop -- Adopt!
Beautiful bunnies everywhere are looking for a forever home with bunny-savvy humans. Check at an HRS chapter near you or at other animal shelters.

House Rabbit Society chapters are listed in left-hand column at

This shelter's video shows some of the ridiculous reasons pets are abandoned.

Whether you want a bunny, cat, dog or other pet - please adopt a shelter pet.
You can also help by donating to your favorite charity or by volunteering some of your precious time to help care for the rescues.


  1. Good reminder. It bears repeating!

  2. Makes me sad that people have stupid reason for getting rid of unwanted pets,xx Rachel

  3. Made us sad, but happy there are people out there who love, understand,and support wonderful bunnies.