Sunday, September 29, 2013

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Cake

So much fun, so many bunny pictures. Too many for a single post, so they'll be over the next few posts.

The RR Facebook page teaser was with the cake for the evening; that got such a great response, that's up first. Below the pictures of the cake are, in The Cake Hag's own words, the secrets of the cake such as the theme, the characters playing poker - representing her own bunnies, and the flavors.

The big picture - the 3D, edible, bunny version of
dogs playing poker.
Notice the "pot" of vegetables in the middle of the table.

Hanging off the front: Miss Waffles, the GHRS advice bunny
and housemate Clemmy.
Not sure, but with the bow-tie, I'm thinking:
Bun, James Bun

(Actually, this is "The Jimmy" ...
Jimmy Bun. Close enough.)

Fiona, their one-eyed bunny.

Lil' Lucas,
the hip hop bun
The winner - with 4 aces - Gypsy,
their pink-eyed white.

Love the details -
mugs of carrot juice & carrot poker chips

More detail -
cigar-substitute celery snack.

This is "Buppy" -
the bunny who thinks he's a puppy.

From the bunny-loving Cake Hag herself:
P.E.W.s (Pink Eyed Whites) WIN!
We chose this as the theme for our Wine and Dine Bunny Art Cake this year because it was this year that our P.E.W.s (pink-eyed white bunnies) joined our family. And it was this year that we learned about the raw deal these wonderful creatures are handed in life. Chosen first for medical and cosmetic testing because of their coloring, chosen last as companion animals because of that same coloring.
We’re smitten with our Princess Gypsy (depicted as the game winner), Lil Lucas (our Hip Hop bunny) and our Jimmy – or as we are certain he refers to himself in the third person – ‘The Jimmy’. We've discovered our PEW companions are brimming with hilarious personality and a real joy of life.
Right now the GHRS Bunny House Shelter and Foster Homes have several awesome P.E.W.’s – many that have been waiting for a home for a very long time. Please consider making room in your house and heart for one of these wonderful bunnies!
We chose our cake theme based on all of the black-velvetesque prints and hangings available that depict dogs playing poker. How much more fun were it bunnies? And even better, if we could use it to emphasize the plight of our favorite Pink-Eyed Whites. We hope you enjoy it.
Top cake – White Chocolate Cake w Fresh Raspberry Curd
Bottom cake – Marble Cake filled w Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Thanks for Reading this!


  1. Clemmy and Miss waffles are in the front. I am working with the Hags in case you didn't know.:0)