Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pet Alert Card for your wallet

Okay, I may have exceeded the boundaries of my technical knowledge*, but ...

HRS has a pet alert wallet card and I wanted to try to share it here so more people can access it. Of course, this is applicable to anyone who has any pet, not just bunnies. Maybe some shelters or vets out there can print them up and distribute them to adopters and pet patients.

This is a wallet card for pet owners/guardians so that, in an emergency, rescuers will be alert to the fact that the person has animals at home that require care. The back of the card provides spaces to name back-up caretakers and to remind the pet guardian what information to provide to the "in case of emergency" ("ICE") pet contacts.

These templates can be printed as wallet cards. I was able to print these on Avery Laser 2" x 3.5" two-side printable Clean Edge Business Cards, Avery's item # 5877 (refers to template 8371). Using my laser printer, I was able to print the front on side 1 of the page, turn it over and print the back on side 2. The result was 10 double sided wallet cards. 

I hope this works for you and that you never need it.

* Meaning, this is my first use of a new website that will supposedly allow these to appear in the blog post but it added an extra line to the front; hopefully this will just come out on the perforation between cards.

This prior post contains a link to a similar single wallet card that is downloadable.