Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bun, James Bun. Or Lucy thumps at Goldfinger

Lucy was chill-axin' with us, all comfy, just watching some tube.

Then one of the classics came on: 007 ... Goldfinger!

Lucy in her post- and pre-thump stance

Something set Lucy off at the beginning of this movie and three of her thumps were caught on video. Usually, they are so fast and discreet (the movement, not the noise), we can't even spot who thumped. I wasn't even sneezing (typically, Ethel's trigger to express her extreme disapproval).

Lucy does kind of have that polished black tuxedo and crisp white shirt 007 look, though.

What's not to like ... Great movie? James Bond/007? Sean Connery? Shirley Bassey?
Sorry, Lucy, we will have to agree to disagree about this one.


  1. Well - figures. Most bunnies are related to Dr. NO!

  2. LOL! Oh, that is hilarious. She must have been so overwhelmed by the awesomeness that is Shirley Bassey she got confused and started thumping.
    [PS, our bunnies' pre- and post-thump stance looks just the same!]

  3. OK, sure, she LOOKS like she is thumping out a warning, but maybe what we are seeing is the look of intense concentration as she tries to tap both her back feet along with the music?! ;-)

  4. hehehe watch out for the bad guys Lucy!xx Rachel