Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Bunny Things Observed

This post is about the bunny things seen at the event (not for auction or for sale). When you get a bunch of bunny people together and they pull out all their bunny serving pieces & bunny decorations and you have the event in the home of bunny people, well...

Yard sign greeting the party-goers

Get a poker chip
with your auction number

Set your wine glass down
on a bunny coaster
Bunny server
Bunny hugs and kisses

Bunny decoration

Bunny see no evil

Bunny hear no evil

Bunny say no evil

Bunny chandelier

Bunny serving piece

Of course

Bunnies resting on a serving plate
Bunny lamp

Bunny bookmark

Other side of bunny bookmark

Bunny of the house (and ship from The Blissful Bunny)

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