Thursday, October 31, 2013

PLEASE - Do NOT release a domestic rabbit outside into the "wild"

Domestic pet rabbits do not have the coping skills of wild rabbits to find water or food, avoid predators and parasites, or otherwise survive in the wild. This is not re-homing or being kind to your rabbit - it is animal cruelty.

Letting a bunny go into the wild because you don't want it anymore is a most painful death sentence, except for a lucky few "survivors" with an incredible will to live - warrior rabbits. And they only survive if they are found in time by caring rabbit-savvy volunteer rescuers, like those from an HRS chapter.

Nala is one such warrior rabbit.

Read her story here and updates about her progress are here.
There are NO GRAPHIC PICTURES of Nala's injuries - UNLESS you click the well-labeled link to a third page.

The Blissful Bunny is auctioning off a bunny bed and a bunny boat through 11-07-2013 with the proceeds going to help pay for Nala's care. Go to their Facebook page for pictures, current bids and details.

And of course, you can always donate to GHRS here.

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