Friday, October 4, 2013

Lucy's Big Adventure

Last weekend, hanging with the bunnies in the basement, working on the computer and passing out treats in response to nose bonks on my big toe.

About mid-day, got up to leave and, as is the "return the bunnies to their pen" ritual, grabbed a small handful of their crumbles and added a few treats (Exact). This usually starts their pen bedlam ritual, where they get so excited that they chase each other around their pen like a Three Stooges short. (You can see a video of one version here ... of the Three Bunnies, not the Three Stooges.)

Except this time, only Bunya and Ethel participated. Instant bunny owner worries - if a bunny does not respond to favorite treats (and treat rituals), this is a huge indicator that said bunny may be sick and needs to see a vet ASAP. I was looking in boxes, opening said boxes, looking in their pen, upsetting tunnels, checking under the desk (her favorite "you can't reach me here and the desk is too heavy to move" place to retreat when she does not want to be touched).

During this process, I realized we have a LOT of bunny boxes, both wood and cardboard. Still no Lucy. I was getting scared then that she was really sick.

I called her name and whistled for her, both of which she responds to - she knows her name. And when there might be a treat in the offing.

Stopped to ponder ... and recalled that someone (not a family member) went into a usually closed room earlier that morning. Could she, would she???

Yes, she could, she would and she did. When I first opened the door to the room, no Lucy. But when I left it and left the door open, she eventually peeked out. Ahh, at least she was okay!

Then started the game of trying to lure her out. With a container of papaya. I wasn't even trying to pick her up, just get her out of the room. It took some time. She was happy on strange turf with so many things to explore, a bed to hide under, so many wires to chew...

Eventually, the papaya proved too strong a temptation to resist and she joined her penmates.

Lucy, the culprit in question

Life with bunnies, full of challenges, adventure and amusement.


  1. I "lost" a bunny a few weeks ago. Went through the same routine as you and was getting really into the panic stages when a small white head popped up from the chair on the porch as if to say, "Mom, I'm out here!" During the bunchores, Miss Snow got out onto the porch with the hay and herb planters and just hadn't come back in.

    Thankfully I'm on the third floor of an apartment complex and the porch has solid walls so no option for falling to the ground below. I know make sure to check for bunnies before closing the screen door.

  2. I loved this story!! I can relate! And my bunny is so much like Lucy!

  3. Walter once got under the dishwasher - somehow. No one knew it. Looked all over. Turned around and there he was, in the middle of the kitchen floor. Like magic!

  4. Dutch Diva wins over Human. News at 11.

    I had a similar panic .. it must be a bunny hazing ritual. Hot summer day (Yes, the Pacific North-wet gets hot!) and I noticed Scout was nowhere to be seen. I'd been in and out all day, so I was worried she'd pulled a Houdini even though she hated the outdoors.

    I searched the house. I searched outside, getting more and more frantic. I came back inside .. tossing things every which way trying to find a 2lb rabbit who could wiggle under doors. As I got back to the living room, she appeared from underneath the heavy quilt I had folded on the back of the couch to see what the noise and fuss was about. It was was 37C, and she was under a folded quilt. Crazy rabbit!

    She was less amused when I picked her up to cover her fuzzy self in kisses.

  5. Hehehe bunnies little mischief makers,Hubby had Speedy out in his mothers front garden forgot the was no wire fencing on the gate's he was working and looked up to see \speedy on the other side of the gates tried to get him in ended chasing him half way up the street when he thought this ain't gonner work so he went in our gates and speedy followed just to see what was going on frighten the crap out of hubby,xx Rachel

  6. Another "lost" bunny story from when Blackie was young and unbonded. She was staying at Grandma's house while I was traveling. Grandma always worries about something happening when I am away and went into a total panic when Blackie was nowhere to be found. After searching everywhere, she moved a footstool and felt something move inside. Sure enough - Blackie had chewed a hole in the muslin fabric on the bottom and was up inside the footstool! Silly bunny. Grandma was relieved but also kind of ticked off about the footstool. That's life with bunnies.