Monday, March 21, 2011

Reactions to the New Pen

As previously recapped, the bunnies' pen has been rearranged to try to re-bond Lucy and Ethel and avert family disaster. Reactions to the new environment have been mixed.
Bunya: If you expect me to go in there,
you could have at least asked me how I wanted it arranged!

Bunya: Well, I'm in, but just barely.
Lucy: I'm staying right here. The nerve of them!
Ethel: Huh? The cage was changed? Oh, cool, I didn't notice.
Show me! Show me!
Actually, they seem be adjusting well and we are hoping they are a cohesive trio once again. Thanks again HRS.
The bunnies love the fresh apple wood sticks from HRS and are sharing some here -
all inside their rearranged pen.

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