Monday, March 14, 2011

Parting gifts from Bunny-Whipped, the home game

Lucy thought it was an honor to win Cover-Bun for March, 2011, Year of the Rabbit. Little did we know that there were prizes, too!
Humongous throw pillow, now cushioning my tush on the recliner.
This is the side you are supposed to display.

This is the side I think I must display.
Truer words...
There were also bookmarks and postcards. One of each of these has already disappeared back to UNC with my daughter who was home all too briefly for Spring Break. My bookmark is at home in a really cool bunny book my friend sent me for my birthday, so you will have to wait to see this book and the B-W bookmark.

You can check out Lucy's win at Lucy's Bunny-Whipped Cover-Bun win, where there are links to her winning interview and other winners.'s link is under Funny Bunnies in the right-hand column and you can go there to buy stuff and prove you, too, are bunny whipped.

And enter your bun in the Cover-Bun contest! Who knows?!? The next cover bun could be pooping on your den floor right now!

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