Thursday, March 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit Stamp Revisited

Thank you thef1chik (Charla) for your "help" (love your e-name), which, if those of you out there in Rabbit Ramblings-land read comments as well, you may have noted she left as a comment on an earlier post:
Other countries honored the Year of the Rabbit with stamps.

Some even have RABBITS on them!
Here are some examples:

None of the other countries have KUMQUATS on them (see Year of the Rabbit Stamps). Okay, some of the rabbits on the other stamps look like they may have been designed by someone on a bad acid trip, or having tea with Peter Max ... maybe with Pikachu -- but they are still RABBITS!

Searching through Google images for the above, I happened upon a site where a LOT of stamps have been gathered: HopperHome. Check it out (but remember to come back to RR). This site has a huge amount of bunny data, encourages rescue/adoption and much more (note the "Prevent Hare Loss" banner at the bottom of the page - would that I could. Hair, I mean). Such a wealth of knowledge that I have added it as a Rabbit Resource in the right hand column. It's like a bunny encyclopedia by someone who cares.

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