Sunday, March 6, 2011

No clue what happened - BunCam suspended

Don't know what happened, but Friday evening, Lucy and Ethel started fighting. Since the picture below, Lucy has grown to be the biggest of the 3 buns. Ethel doesn't have much of a chance. They were jumping in the air and twirling around - and Ethel's fur was flying. It brought back painful memories of when Alice returned from the vet after her illness (For some background, see Alice got adopted, Ethel is back from the vet, and Bunny reunion has gone well ... at least we thought).

Ethel has been back from the vet for over 3 weeks and the 3 of them seemed great together, so we are really perplexed. In addition, as far as we know, Lucy & Ethel have always been together (at least since abandoned at HRS, if not before). Best guess is that they are just about a year old.

An HRS volunteer, our local bunny whisperer, is going to come over tomorrow evening and observe to see if she can spot what might be the issue.
Better times
Keep hoppy, peaceful thoughts for them. Thanks.

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