Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beep, beep (not the Road Runner)

We have been having some problems with the electricity (as you may know from buncam interruptions). We pay the bill on time but can't seem to get continuous service.

To try to bring Rabbit Ramblings buncam viewers the best possible service, a "UPS" or uninterrupted power supply was hooked up to the bunnies' computer.

Bad idea.

At some ungodly early hour, the power went out. Trudging downstairs, I hear "beep ... beep ... beep". But two sets of these regular beeps, in different tones on different timing.

It seems the battery in the smoke detector had decided to die during the night and this was the smoke detector's way of saying "Change the battery". In addition, the UPS, having lost its source of constant electricity, had to loudly transmit this information to all within the radius of its piercing beep (I'd guess several miles).

Think of the effect on bunnies! What new predator was this for them to anticipate? The Terminator?

They were going crazy running around their pen and knocking things all over the place. It looked like a hurricane had swirled around their cage contents.

The cords were yanked on the UPS.
Did you know it beeps even when there's nothing plugged into it?
The on-off switch left much to be desired; it was no help.

The battery in the smoke detector was removed.
Did you know it beeps even when there's no battery in it?
I guess to let you know... there's no battery in it.
Ever try to find a working 9 volt battery in the pitch dark?

After administering some Valium to the bunnies, they calmed down, although very edgy and looking at me askance. They kept humming "19th Nervous Breakdown" (Rolling Stones).

DON'T let that happen again, Human!
You can be replaced.

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