Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bunny care - Shedding tip

The most important shedding tip is probably to groom your bunnies regularly and maybe more often when they are having one of their seasonal sheds. You want to remove some of the hair so that when they groom themselves and each other, they ingest less.

So, shedding season or not, if you have bunnies and boxes, you probably get little fine wispy hairs floating like cilia off all the edges, especially doorways. If it's their box, they chin it. And depending on the size of your bun and the openings you (or they) made, they scrape up against those edges on ingress and egress.

Here's how we remove that when we clean their pen - a lint brush. It works really well and quickly. With three bunnies and enough cardboard to start our own landfill, we do go through a couple of sheets or so each time. It's worth it.

Example: This is the tunnel we got at our local HRS shop.
Upside down and compressed makes it easy
to swipe the bottom and get the hair off.
(In background, Bunya and Ethel have hopped into clean hay box.)
We buy lint brushes in volume (yes, at Costco). We have them all over the house. So now the Costco employees are probably trying to figure out: Why do those people buy so much vinegar, so many lint brushes and take all those boxes???

'Cause we have bunnehs!

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