Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Braveheart? Bunyaheart! More adventures in shedding...

Bunya likes to be rubbed on his head. What human-friendly bunny doesn't?

When Bunya is going through a shed, he develops a little chevron on his face. As he sheds, it moves from his nose to his forehead. We call him Private Bunya. (Movie reference ... Private Benjamin. Too obtuse?)

Well, this shed, Bunya's chevron is a heart!
Can you see it on his head?
To get this picture, I was rubbing his head, as usual. Pulled my hand away and my wife snapped the picture. You can see he opened his eyes, as if saying to me, "Hey, what happened to the hand?!? We're not finished!"

Do you see any shapes in your pet's fur?
Do your pets shed? Any suggestions for reducing the flying hair factor?


  1. Shed - shed - shed .... rinse and repeat ...

    It's everywhere .. hair here, here hair ...

  2. That is so adorable! Bunya looks like the female version of Nico. Nico always gets a moon on top of his head during shedding season.

  3. Whoopsie...sorry, I just realized that Bunya is a boy! :D

  4. Oh my gosh! That is the cutest thing ever. Yeti gets a long line down his body when he moults. I call them his "racing stripes"!

  5. We saw your "heart" on Daily Bunny! Love it!

    WE're shedding too, massively.

  6. So cute! Buttons gets a heart on his head and go faster stripes too!

  7. My bunny gets a diamond. :) she is only 6 months old, so its the first time it happened. first got worried. but thanks to this blog, i now know its normal. :)