Friday, September 2, 2011

Ethel in the (new) paper box

Find the bunny.
(The usual hint: Look for the pink ears)
Ethel was a little stand-offish after we upgraded Paper Box 1.0, aka "SCUBA": Self Contained Undernewspaper Bunny Apparatus  (here).

Maybe newspaper tastes different or the texture was more appealing. However, she has finally caved in and has been regularly enjoying Paper Box 2.0. She'll even jump in there and bury herself rather than eat breakfast. When walking past it to put down their morning greens, you hear the paper rustling, but can not see her in there.

Here's a real breakfast-time example, shot looking straight down into the box; this has been shortened, so about 30 seconds in, she surfaces and then jumps out. She was really playing in there much longer.

Sometimes, it looks like a little bunny bomb went off and the paper will be over the edges of the box and all around - kinda' like in the picture at the top.

We scoop it all back in and she is a happy bunny. So if you have a rabbit who likes to dig, Ethel has given this toy the Good Bunkeeping Seal of Approval.

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