Monday, September 12, 2011

New toy?

Ever alert for new bunny toys, my daughter (you thought I was going to say me, didn't you?) found this hay ball. You open it, stuff hay inside and hang where the bunnies can eat the hay.

Well, the jury (i.e., Bunya, Lucy & Ethel) is still out on this one. It may not have provided sufficient entertainment value to make it worth getting to the hay. We are still trying, so you may see this in some incarnation in their pen on the buncam. The mount comes off ... maybe they will like it more as a free roaming ball.

Lucy contemplates the hay ball with a nose bonk

Now, let's travel through time (i.e., skip ahead a couple of weeks), aided by the magic of video, the internet and posting procrastination. The hay ball as amusing toy transition has been discovered...

In Ethel's video, two "bunuses" (that's a bunny bonus, plural):
About a minute in, Lucy does a melting bunny flop, relaxing into her "chill" position. Look for it in the left side of the background (in the pen).
After that, Ethel briefly periscopes.
(Remember, if a clip is too long, you can jump ahead. I won't be offended.
Just don't tell me.)

They prefer the free ranging hay ball, clearly the winner.


  1. Love it!!! I have seen these before. Isn't it funny how something as simple as taking off the stand can be the winning move.

    They are such sweet bunnies!

  2. Love your blog! We have posted a link to it on our own blog!

    Love, Nico, Piper, and Tokki