Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bunny news flash - Beware demolition in construction area today!

Tear it up, Ethel! Take a gander at the Hopper Hideaway...

Although I am at work, one of my screens is tuned into the buncam and every so often (less than you'd think), I peek in on the bunnies to see what they are up to, and so I can see that they are okay.

This is what I saw today. Earlier, I did see the destruction in process, but it was nowhere near this point.

Screenshot from the buncam
What the Hopper Hideaway is supposed to look like
You can see Ethel, having expended all that excess energy, has made her little self into a bunny loaf in the lower right-hand corner of the pen, from where she can look out over her domain.

Bunya is peeking out from the top of the tunnel, surveying the destruction up close and wondering at the needless expenditure of calories that it must have required.

If things are as usual, Lucy is lounging in the Cheerios box, snoozing until suppertime and thinking evil thoughts about humans who try to pick her up to snuggle.

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