Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vet Visit - let the preparations continue

[Continued from prior post]

One of the bunnies' health tests is a fecal float test, looking for parasites. I labeled 3 little plastic bags with each of their names and set about to procure separate identifiable specimens (read: poops).

This entails erecting one of their little pens and giving the targeted bunny a clean litter box. Bunya was the first volunteer.

Lucy and Ethel were curious. Ethel ventures in for some fresh hay while Lucy observes from the outside, wary of a trap.

The best laid plans of bunny and man...
Didn't get the required cooperation in time. If they turn up any parasites, they would all be treated anyway because of their close proximity. So at the last minute, we gathered up a random sampling of poops and put them all in a single bag labeled Group-on Poop-on.

We await test results.

To be continued.

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