Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lucy in her Zen trance

Finally remembered to video Lucy in one of her trances. This is from a Sunday morning after we cleaned out their pen. We then groom all the bunnies and give them the brief physical exam they taught (my wife) at GHRS Bunny 201. Lucy is usually last because she is so hard to catch.

Her eyes wide during and after the indignity of being caught, restrained, brushed and fondled (in a medical way), Lucy's level of trauma is probably second only to going for a car ride to the vet.

After all this, my wife figured she would flip Lucy over and mesmerize her.

And Lucy fell back like a brick - zonked.

I did not cut down this video - I added to it. The three "shorts" were so amazing to me that I used them all. Here are the three segments to it:
1. The trance, laying Lucy back and rubbing her forehead and ears.
2. Same thing, but with the other hand so you could see more of Lucy's head.
3. Looking down on Lucy - not even stroking her, but just letting her meditate, all four little feets sticking up in the air.

"And here we go..."

It really transformed Lucy. We put her down and gave her a little treat. Instead of hopping away from us, flicking us off (got to get a video of that bunny behavior), she wandered around in a little circle in front of us and then finally went back in her pen. Here she is immediately after her massage:

Wow ... thanks ... that was really great.
Um, is the tip included?
I think I'll go take a nap now.

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