Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vet Visit - Let the preparations begin

How do we prepare for a vet visit?
By dreading it ... but maybe not as much as the bunnies.

So, assuming the appointment is made and we are within a week, we start by taking the bunny carrier off the top of the frig and setting it on the floor in the bunnies' kitchen. They explore it, bonk the door with their nose, etc.

The day before or day of, the carrier is put in one of their their regular travel paths.

Lucy periscoping to peek in through the top

Lucy inspects this thing inside and out, like Houdini preparing for an escape. That reminds me of Lucy and Ethel's "Bundini" escape act they pulled when we first got them, but that's a story for another post.

Lucy's the first one in the carrier! If only we had been going right then, we could have closed the door and top-loaded the rest of the bunnies. Of course, this will leave us wondering for next time: Do we put the carrier down moments before we are ready to go? Will she hop on in like this time?
Probably not.

Lucy is passing her skittish ways onto Bunya. He used to be the easiest to pick up. Well, he still is, the little tub o' bunny, but he's started shying away from the round-up. But he's nothing compared to "Don't pick me up" Lucy...

To be continued.

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