Saturday, December 10, 2011

Congratulations to Disapproving Rabbit!

We briefly interrupt the Vet Visit series to say how happy we are for Dougal and his new human slaves at Disapproving Rabbit. Cinnamon will never be forgotten ... but once Dougal settles in, he looks more than capable of continuing her legacy of disapproval.

As one of the DR commenters noted [you will have to do the heavy breathing, deep James Earl Jones voice in your head]: The disapproval is strong in this one!

Disapproving Rabbits is one of my favorite bunny sites (Did you order your T-shirts in time? I did) and is listed under Funny Bunnies in the right-hand column.

Check out Dougal's story, some photos and an adorable video of his little mouf processing treats into rabbit raisins ... all that and more at Disapproving Rabbits where you get "All disapproval, all the time."

Wishing Dougal a long, happy life of disapproval in his new home.

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