Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday bunny stuff

That time of year, for me, where the bunny birthday cards begin to appear in my mail...
From Margot Elena Tokyo Milk
I've got way more than a few "gray hares" ... of the ones that are left.

Another bunny card
Received an origami bunny
from my life-long friend...

...seems this style origami bunny
inspired a sculpture

BIG bunny sculpture -
Can you imagine how hard it was
to fold that sheet metal?!?

Bunny being installed roadside
You can read about the sculpture here and here.
Thanks, Hank, for the origami and the related links!

From my wife. Inside caption:
All I want to do
is snuggle up with you!
(Fun Pix from American Greetings)
Now, if we could just get our bunnies snuggling up again...

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