Monday, March 19, 2012

Bond, re-bond

Bunya has a lot of not-favorite things right now. Critical care slurry. Medicine-filled syringes. Hay diet. Not being part of a bunny triangle (the bunmuda triangle).

They have separate pens and litter boxes. This allows us to keep Bunya from getting into altercations and to monitor his poop production. The litter boxes are near each other, so they can still be sociable, if not in contact right next to each other.

The bunnies in adjoining stalls.
As usual, there is a line for the ladies' room.

Bunya so wants it to be like it was...


  1. I am sure that you can't wait for things to be as they were too.

  2. I feel for you, Bunya, and your wife. Giving meds to bunnies is not fun for either the bunny or you, and feeding Critical Care makes a big gloppy mess. I hope it doesn't have to go on for too long, for everyone's sake.

    I had to give Daisy lots of meds (multiple ones 3 times a day) after both of her dental surgeries for about 4 weeks, plus a penicillin shot every other day. Fortunately, we only had do the Critical Care for a few days. It does seem to go a little easier and faster if two people do it.

    My vet suggested alternating squirts of water from another syringe with squirts of Critical Care to help wash out their mouth and make it a little easier to go down.