Sunday, March 11, 2012

à la minute... DST

Post title may be really applicable given the subject.
Did you remember to "spring forward", setting your clocks an hour ahead?

Even so, the bunnies are enjoying more of a brunch than a breakfast. The clock may have sprung forward, but humans, even bunny slaves, still need their sleep. Don't let the clock cheat you out of this precious commodity.

Speaking of precious, the bunnies are. As noted previously, time seems to move a little slower with just the girls. They seems less hurried. Maybe less competition for precious resources, like treats.

From casual observation, it appears that Ethel, as always, is grooming Lucy more than vice versa. Looking forward to The Return of the Bunya, he may have some competition for alpha bunny. I hope we don't have an episode of flying fur ... stressful for buns and humans alike.

Hmmm ... maybe reintroduction should be on semi-neutral turf. Then let Bunya come back into their main area first, then after he has a chance to use the rest room and chin some things, let in Ethel and then Lucy.

Well, first step is still to get Bunya healthy.

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