Monday, March 26, 2012

Bunny burrito reject

In a recent post, Bunya's attempts to foil medicine administration were mentioned. Here, we tried to capture a little bit of his efforts on video.

The vet nurse explained the way to start a bunny burrito: You lay out the flat towel and place the bunny patient (as opposed to a patient bunny - he's not that) a couple of inches from the edge, so you can roll it over their front feet before you wrap it around them.

Bunya knows what's coming and boxes the towel under himself to try to avoid the medicine...

Poor little Bunya ... we will be as happy as him when he is all healthy and we don't have to give him any more medicine.


  1. Poor Bunya, but stick with the bunny burrito trick. I have a lovely crescent scar on my thumb from when Daisy tried to chew through it when giving her medicine. That sent me to the ER, dripping blood. I skipped the towel that day, because she had been pretty good about it lately. Bad idea. But I can't really blame her.

  2. Towel vs. Bunny...the bunny will win every time.

  3. It's ok Bunya I wasn't keen on having my wormer but It made me better and your meds will make you better too!

  4. Ah man, I have never been able to successfully burrito my Bunn, except one time when he was still looped from the drugs. Luckily, he thinks Critical Care and meds are the tastiest things ever (were pretty sure he's a junkie and fakes it to get more meds!) Best of luck to Bunya!