Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunya - better & worse...

Went to the vet for visitation again this evening. Bunya was x-rayed again to compare to the prior set.
The good news: the mass in his tummy is smaller.
The not-so-good news: eating and poop production have decreased and it appears from his x-rays that gas is accumulating further down the pipeline.

We rubbed him and brushed him. We tried to collect the hair so we could bring it home for Lucy & Ethel to retain his scent. For once in his life, Bunya refused to shed. Any other time we brush him, we could build a separate little bunny from the hair we furminate.

We remain hopeful that Bunya will make a complete (if not speedy) recovery and rejoin us at home ... we really miss him.


  1. I wish Bunya well!! I dont know what I would do if one of my babies was sick. :(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that he's still under the weather. While the girls are probably enjoying the leisurely pace at meal times, I can only imagine how much they miss him.

    Callie and Jasper send whisker kisses and a few nose bonks for a full recovery.