Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bunny bonding goals

This post was originally called:
Double the bunny pleasure, double the bunny fun
(Well, for Bunya anyway.)

It was to prove again that Bunya was one of the luckiest bunnies in the world. When Bunya got sick and they un-bonded, it was held.

Now it reflects our goal for the bunnies, to be able to re-bond them so that they are like this again. Or if not the same, to at least establish some peaceful hierarchy among the three of them.

Time will tell.

(About halfway in, Ethel tries to sneak her head under Lucy, hoping Lucy will continue on automatic pilot and groom her, too. Bunya never budges - he knows a good thing and does not want to interrupt.)


  1. Oh my! Squee! Happy bunnies, happy household.

  2. All the best of luck that the re-bonding goes smoothly.