Friday, April 6, 2012

Snuggle bunnies - girls club

It was Lucy and Ethel's turn in what we hope is the "temporary" pen. Just like the big pen, the gate might be open, but the sisters lounge together inside.

Here, Ethel makes herself at home,
leaning on Lucy like she's a big soft sofa.
In this position, Ethel can watch Bunya through the fences.

Lucy still gives us that semi-paranoid stare. If she could, I get the feeling she would point her paw at her eyes and then at us, in that "I'm watchin' you" gesture.

Ethel, however, is perfectly relaxed.


  1. They are so tired they just want to chill out from what eve bunny adventures they have been up to!

  2. I would be very very afraid and careful about Lucy. That rabbit can see straight ahead - that ain't normal. No. Bad things can happen.