Friday, April 27, 2012

Zen Buns - the book (Volume 1)

There have been many Zen bun references in this blog, usually when one of the buns is zonked under the spell of my wife's touch. The book Zen Buns is by Bonnie Tomek. It is part book, part journal and looks all cute. She has also set up a gift site, A Rabbit Hutch.

And get this special offer - a HouseRabbit Society Fundraiser - the author,  a rabbit lover since 1970, will donate a portion of book royalties to the House Rabbit Society.

But wait! There's more! 
Buy a book online to get a 10% RRR* discount: 
Enter this promo code: ENR676XC 
* RRR = Rabbit Ramblings Reader
CreateSpace is a division of [Is this some kind of legal thing I have put here?]

So you get a 10% discount and HRS gets some bunneh munneh - such a deal!

Here are a few page samples Ms. Tomek shared with RR:




A second volume is in the works -- you heard it here first!
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  1. Thanks for posting this, and for your shout out to House Rabbit Society! I put your blog up on the HRS blog page!

    1. Thank you! We are big HRS fans - it's how we found Lucy & Ethel!

  2. There is a great book and cause!