Monday, April 2, 2012

Bunny health insurance?

BCBS ... Bunny Cross Bunny Shield?

Given what we have experienced over the years since we have become bunny slaves, we have had some costly "episodes" (with Alice, Ethel and now Bunya).

Most pet insurance seems to be for cats and dogs; they do not even cover rabbits. When Alice was sick, we found one for rabbits; but when we tried to figure out what it would have paid for her versus the premiums, it didn't seem to cover much (or the benefits were capped at a lot lower than what a sick bunny incurs). Wish we could just add them as dependents under an employer group plan.

So, does anyone out there in bunny-land have a bunny health insurance plan with reasonable costs and benefits? If so, please leave a comment with the specifics and/or a link to their product.

Thank you!


  1. I would also like to know if I can buy bunny insurance. My two girls seem to have about 2 bouts of stasis per year (each) and I'd love to know if I could insure them for that.

  2. In England there are alot of companys that do pet insurance for Rabbits.But you have to weigh up the cost verse pro's and con's of these plans.The plan needs to cover whole of then have to pay the premium for the duration of the bunny's life if you have to put in for a claim you then have to pay an excess some times the excess could be more than the claim it self depending on the type of illness the plan will also pay out for on going treatment even if it is for life how ever you have to pay the premiums plus the excess every year which colud still work out more than if you paid the vet bill your self I looked at a plan for Speedy when we got him as with my old bun for the last 2 years of his life head to have treament for on going health problems but after looking at the cost I have found that it is better to save the £10 a month in an account for any future medical costs was a better option as bunnies normally have heath issues when they get older.A tip for stasis putting a little bit of vit c powder in their water will help or try cranberries every day this is known to help with this kind of problem .hope this helps

  3. I have VPI. It costs $11.50/month per bun. When Callie got stassis last year between the emergency room visit (with incompetent, non-rabbit dr) and the rabbit-savvy vet stay the next day, I spent almost $600.

    Because the ER didn't really do anything, I wasn't eligible for reimbursement on those costs; but the rest of it was. I ended up getting about 50% back from VPI (minus the ER). While not everything I was hoping for, it was better than a stick in the eye and more than paid for itself in premiums.

    You can't sign up for VPI on their website, but just call their 800# and they'll take a brief history of your bun(s), give you a quote (depends on age and medical history) and you can decide to pay it monthly, bi-annually or annually. There's usually a small discount for paying annually if you're able.

    I know some rabbit slaves don't like VPI, but they've been nothing but nice to us.