Monday, April 16, 2012

What makes that perfect piece of hay?

I am not a connoisseur of hay myself, but I was wondering about the bunnies who seem to search for that perfect bite, the blend of hearty, sweet, earthy, al dente or crisp...

Because they certainly seem to have some selection criteria. The box may be full of hay, but they will sniff around until the bite or flavor or aroma they seek has been located.

Sometimes, they may have to push a less desirable stalk out of their way to get to the good stuff. That must be what Bunya had to do below ... and he ended up wearing a couple of pieces of the reject.

Bunya: I smelled here it a second ago...

Bunya: Got it! *nom, nom, nom ...*


  1. Jasper did this just last night when I put a fresh litterbox down. Instead of taking what was on top, he dug around and ended up eating some from the bottom of the tray. At first I thought he was eating the wood pellets I use for soaking up the urine, but no, he was just looking for that "special" piece of hay.

  2. We've often wondered the same thing as well. Our bunnies will dig out piles of hay before settling on the best bits--whatever those are. We have yet to figure out why some are tastier than others.

  3. Mine go for the "fuzzy" hay tops -- in fact, when I'm putting new hay in their bin, they'll both sit up and beg for me to find the fuzzies for them. Which I do. Because I can't resist them when they're that cute.

  4. We know whats just right and thats what its got to be when we are munching