Friday, August 31, 2012

RR Submission: Coby

Coby ... much loved and much missed

Coby became ill and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but not for lack of care (including from regular and ER vets).

Coby's human slave adopted him from her local humane society. The human slave created a new slave ... her Mom. (It's kinda' like zombies ... except instead of biting someone to make more zombies, all you have to do is introduce your bun to another human and they are smitten.) Mom slave loved him, too (giving their St. Bernard some competition in the pet department). 

Mom slave thinks this picture is Coby's impression of a llama. I just think he was a really cute bunny.

This human slave will be adopting a new bunny ... hopefully, sometime soon. Good luck!
(Another thought: Think about adopting a bonded pair!)

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  1. Beautiful bunny but they will see him again and now his legacy has started,good luck with the new bun