Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bunny Art at the Decatur Arts Festival

This year's festival was once again a bunny-rich environment.
Thank you to the artists (and a patron) who allowed us to take pictures of their artwork. Pictures are in the order of our stroll. We were looking for bunny things but the artists have lots of non-bunny art, too. If you are in the area, this festival continues (and many of the artists will be at the Virginia Highlands festival next week).

Off to a great start when a patron, looking at the art in a booth,
allowed me to take a picture of her tote that she got in Cambodia.

Artist: Karen Fincannon
Facebook page is here

Plus: Artist's husband was wearing
a Psycho Bunny shirt.

Okay, we cracked down and
bought the little black one in the middle.

Artist: Kathleen Taylor

Artist: Patti Ballard

(Partially in the shade, but
wanted to get this one
with the heart)
"Split Hares" (Stuffed toy)

Artists: Penny + Johnnie Dobson
Emails: +

Looks like Mr. Bunya!

Lucy look-a-like

Possibly disapproving bunny

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