Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ever been too tired to eat? How about your bunny?

Personalities revealed ...

All three started eating.
Ethel is finished and flops in place,
with a good stretch, bracing her feet against the pen.

Bunya and Lucy continue eating.
No surprise, Bunya.
Lucy never takes her eyes off of you. No surprise there either.
Ethel ignores all and nods off.

Shortly after everyone's had dinner,
it's a group snuggle ...
our little Bunmuda Triangle.


  1. Ours go crazy in the morning when we give them their pellets. They're jumping around, crawling over top of each other, and then descend on the food bowls as if they hadn't had a bite to eat in days. They all eat as fast as they can for a few minutes, then slink off and flop over. They get exhausted from their crazy food-eating antics!