Sunday, May 19, 2013

Do you save toilet paper tubes? For the bunnies, I mean!

Make some for your bun ... gives them something to chew (that's allowed), a toy to play with, encourages them to eat hay and helps fend off boredom.

Bunny toy - Stuff hay into a toilet paper tube.
(These were for the GHRS adoptables;

dropped them off yesterday - they enjoyed the new toys)

Our bunnies were intensely interested in the whole process,
so they got one, too.

After alpha Bunya had a go at it, Lucy hopped in.

They were interested in the hay bag, too.
Bunya - always an enthusiastic eater!
(Unless he's sick - that's a symptom of illness.)
Ethel - a little more delicate than Bunya.

Ethel: Oh - please don't take my picture while I eat!

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